On the Other Side of the Race – Supporting a Friend or a Crowd

A cheering crowd and the funny running posters are always an amazing part of races, and make the races more fun! Some of my favorite ones are : Touch to Power Up (Mario Kart Mushroom or Star) Hurry up, They're Running Out Of Beer! Remember You Paid For This! That's a Lot Of Work For... Continue Reading →

First Marathon – San Fransisco 2016

The race started at 6 AM. Having come from New York City, I thought, piece of cake it'll feel like it's 9 AM. How much further from the truth could I have been? After being in San Fransisco for three days, waking up at 4 AM (West Coast Time) still felt like waking up at... Continue Reading →

First Half Marathon – Training

Congratulations, you've decided to run your first half marathon!!! and you should be proud of yourself, whether this is a first race, or the start of running becoming a serious hobby! Training is a time commitment, but the race day will come quickly and passing the finish line is a huge accomplishment. So take a... Continue Reading →

Wedding Bells

This summer, I was a bridesmaid for my senior year college roommate. While in college she was my older friend, adopted big sister, and voice teacher. In addition to having our passion for music in common, we also had running. Whenever both of us were home, we would go for runs before getting grabbing coffee,... Continue Reading →

Berlin Marathon 2017

Last week, I ran my third full marathon: the Berlin 2017 Marathon. I signed up for the lottery for this major marathon while some of my friends were running the NYC marathon last year, and was one of the lucky ones to get in through the lottery system.       Overall impressions: lots of... Continue Reading →

In 2015, I was interning in Rome when I decided to start long distance running. I just wanted to be able to eat all the Italian goodness without feeling guilty. As I was not a distance runner and did not know what to expect, I ended up not following a strict running schedule. I was... Continue Reading →

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